Our Weekly update.

Voe para Lisboa partindo de Luanda com a Air France escala em Paris, Lufthansa escala em Frankfurt e com a Emirates escala em Dubai.

Voe de Luanda para São Paulo com a Air France escala em Paris e com a Qatar Airways escala em Doha.

Dear Valuable customers:  It is our goal and philosophy to maintain you updated with all the incoming important information related to your safety and security, as we do prioritize your well-being. Due to the pandemic situation all over the World, we hereby with some useful and mandatory information:

1 –  Angolan authorities regulations for passengers and goods acceptance and exit:

  1. All national citizens and residents are allowed to enter the country, as well all those under official state´s visit
  2. Humanitarians aids allowed
  3. Human remains are accepted to enter and leave the country
  4. It is mandatory to every citizen entering Angola to fill in the legal travel registration form, available on the website WWW.COVID19.GOV.AO  adding on it the COVID test result, passport copy visa or residence card and the ticket copy.

2 – PCR TEST : It is mandatory that all passengers traveling international flights do present a NEGATIVE PCR COVID-19 RESULT at the airport of the departure, with validity of 72 hours from the sample collection.

  1. Airlines demand the use of SURFGICAL MASK at the boarding area, as well during the all flight. With minimum of 3 to 4 masks per flight.
  2. It is mandatory the use of surgical gloves during the all flight
  3. Some airlines do offer the hygiene kit at the airport check-in desk before departure.
  4. Some destinations do require all passengers to be tested on the arrival, and all testing positive are required for a domicile quarantine.

3 – VISAS:

  1. S.M.E not issuing visitor´s visa, unless specified
  2. EU countries NOT issuing tourism visas, unless Students, Medical or legal state visit.


  1. TAAG the national carrier is operating domestic flights to few destinations with priority to Cabinda, Dundo, Saurimo, Huila Namibe Huambo Luena Ondjiva Catumbela
  2. FLYAO the Jet company will start from 19th December flights to Catumbela, Dundo and Huila
  3. It is mandatory a Covid-19 TESTE DE RASTREIO, a blood sample collected at the airport  which is valid for 5 days.

5 – Airport Lounges:

  1. TAAG has re-opened their  departure lounges at Luanda, Johannesburg and Lisbon Int Airports. With few restrictions on the number of passengers due to the social distancing policy.
  2. Emirates has re-opened the Dubai Lounge
  3. Ethiopian Airlines re-opened the Addis Ababa departure Lounge
  4. TAP re-opened the Lisbon departure Lounge
  5. Air France re-opened the lounge in Paris


1 –   1ST  January – New Year

2  –  4th   February National Liberation day

3 –   16th February Carnival

4 –   8th   March – International Women´s day

5 –   23rd  March – Southern Africa liberation day

6 –   2nd   April – Holly Friday

7 –   4th   April – Peace day

8 –   1st    May – International Worker´s day

9 –   17th  September – The National hero day

10 – 2nd   November – The all Soul´s day

11 – 11th November – The independence day

12-   25th December – Christmas day

7 – Airport & Town office working hours

Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 04:00pm

Saturdays: From 09:00 to 12:00 Lunch time

Help desk available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We welcome the social distancing policy, as we do comply with all the legal requirements. We ensure that our team follow all the hygiene procedures, as well controlling the temperature by entering the office.  All our customers are taken the temperature at the main entrance, and everyone inside the building wears a mask.

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